Frozen Banana and Carob Nibbles

Frozen Banana and Carob Nibbles


Step One – Prepare the bananas

  • 2-3 very ripe bananas Peeled and cut into 1cm rings. Poke a small toothpick into the centre of each ring.

    Line a plate with baking paper and place the banana rings on it

    Freeze the rings at least 24 hours

Step Two – Prepare the Carob Sauce

  • 2/3 cup carob powder or cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup soft butter
  • Vanilla or a few drops strawberry essence
  • 1 cup cream


  • Place all the ingredients into the top half of a double boiler.
  • Cook gently, stirring occasionally until sauce is smooth and creamy.
  • Allow to cool (the sauce still needs to be runny enough for dipping).
  • Remove the banana rings from the freezer.
  • Hold onto the toothpick and gently dip each banana ring into the carob sauce and then into shredded coconut.
  • Place each ring back onto the plate lined with baking paper and refreeze for an hour or so.
  • Enjoy!


Whole strawberries are delicious when dipped into this sauce.
Left-over carob sauce can be stored in a covered container and gently warmed to be used as a topping over frozen banana icecream.