Frequently Asked Questions

But I want to come and visit you on a different day / I have visitors I want to bring – help!

We would prefer you come on our opening days. However, we will try to accommodate visits on different days – you must give us prior notice to ensure that we are home. Only packed honey is available for you outside of our regular shop days. You can contact us via our contact page.

Is your Learning Centre operating for groups to learn about bees and honey?

With our new baby, we will be accepting bookings from September 2024.  Yes, we love to host groups for educational visits. Please contact us to arrange your visit.

What’s the best time for group visits?

With our new baby, we will be accepting bookings from September 2024. We welcome visits at any time of the year depending on your needs.

Can you fill my containers?

Yes, we can fill your own containers on our open days. This is cheaper because you are paying just the bulk honey price not the on shelf packed price.

How many beehives do you have?

We used to have around 200 hives. Now we have a Crewcut lawn mowing franchise as well as honey so we have under 20 hives and are selling previous seasons honey.

What will you do when you run out of your own honey?

We expect to run out of our own honey by the end of 2024. Then we are likely to buy in enough honey to keep the shop open.