Our Whanganui honeys are crafted so that each honey pot on the shelf is a prize winner as far as fine texture and presentation is concerned…

Visit us and we will fill your own containers, or take a ready filled from our shelves. Bring out the fine china honey pots, empty Canaan Honey containers, special glass jars, empty Pics Peanut Butter jars… We welcome you to our Whanganui Honey shop.

OPENING HOURS  – Thursday – Fridays 9 – 5pm, Saturdays 9 – 2pm. 176 Mosston Rd opposite Mosston School, Whanganui.

Visit us, or check out our online honey shop where you can click and collect, or we will deliver or courier to you.

You have a wide choice…. Clover, Wildflower, Wanganui City Gardens, Native Bush, Manuka Honey in various strengths, Raw Honey, Honey Comb and Blue Borage from Molesworth Station in Marlborough that is a real favourite for many of our customers.

We have new seasons honey available for the first time. Wildflower honey from Raetihi, and our new table grade Manuka not 41 but 67 MGO for the same $22/kg. We also have new supplies of Bush Honey.

Michael and Melissa Brandon continue the Brandon family name after Janice and the late John retired after nearly 40 years in the bees-ness. John passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Tues 2 June 2020.

Be inspired, by a visit to our Honey Shop on the outer edge of Whanganui City where town meets country, just 6 minutes drive from the middle of town.

Take time to amble along our cottage garden walkway and enjoy our floral array of garden pots and hanging baskets which are always changing with the seasons.

On entering our shop you will be met with a strong honey aroma that has been absorbed by the very walls surrounding you. You can bring your own favourite honey pot to be filled with our carefully crafted artisan honey or buy it ready packed from our shelves, while enjoying some relaxing background music. Make sure you taste and see that the honey is good – dig a spoon in and sample our honey for sale harvested from city and countryside.

Using all the skills that we have gained from nearly 40 years of beekeeping, we are confident that every pot you take home will be a prize winner for texture and taste.

We love to chat with our customers about the inspiring nature of our bees and the incredible way they make such delicious honey. We love to talk of our creator God who made the heavens and the earth and everything in it so marvellously.

What makes a good honey?

High-quality honey can be distinguished by  fragrance, taste, and consistency. When it is liquid, pure honey should drizzle from a spoon  in a straight stream without breaking into separate drops. As it lands on itself, it should then form layers that gently merge into each other.  This indicates high viscosity and low water content.



Our Honey Products

You have a wide choice…. Clover, Wildflower, Whanganui City Gardens, Native Bush, Manuka Honey in various strengths. Raw Honey, and Honey Comb, Blue Borage from Molesworth Station in Marlborough is a real favourite for many of our customers.

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