Honey Varieties

The majority of our beehives are farmed within a radius of 50km from the Whanganui City, providing a variety of delicious honey flavours. Most of our honeys are available for pouring into your own containers.


Our clover honey is harvested from the dairy pastures from the Whangaehu Valley to Bulls.

Characteristics – Real old-time favourite.  Sweet and delicate flavour. Pleasant mild aroma. Liquid or granulated.


From a rich variety of pastural flowers such as the diverse dandelion family, thistles, lotus major and buttercup, to name a few. Usually more prevalent than clover in dry summers.

Characteristics – A rich, golden and very tasty honey.

Whanganui City Gardens

From hives situated around our beautiful garden city.

Characteristics – Real old-time favourite.  Sweet and delicate flavour. Pleasant mild aroma. Liquid or granulated.

Blue Borage

This very special honey comes from Blue Borage that grows wild and finds its natural home amongst the tussock in the rugged high hill country of Molesworth Station in the Kaikoura ranges. Sometimes it’s the last honey that the Bush family harvests at the time that the first winter snow falls.

Characteristics – delicate, herbal, velvety smooth textured honey, best appreciated in its liquid and original form. A firm favourite with many of our customers.


The Taranaki region has forests of Rewarewa trees also known as the New Zealand Honeysuckle. It has rust-red velvety flowers that are spiky and tightly coiled.

Characteristics – This honey has a rich flavour, usually dark in colour.

Mānuka 50+ MGO

A natural blend of Mānuka and bush honey including Kamahi from central North Islands Raurimu, National Park. Mānuka 50+ MGO is our affordably priced table grade Mānuka honey equivalent to UMF 3 grade honey.

Characteristics – very rich delicious blend- available in granulated form.

Premium Mānuka

from our bee hives on the banks of the Whanganui River. The Mānuka bush flowers for a short period in the middle of summer. After harvest, honey samples are sent to a laboratory where the anti-microbial activity of the honey is tested. Every year it is different according to the season.

Characteristics – honey is rich and distinctive in flavour and is often used medicinally.  Available in granulated form.

236mg/kg MGO

886mg/kg MGO

Raw Honey

Characteristics – A real favourite with our customers. Very tasty and smooth. Available off the shelf in its natural granulated form.

Chunk Honey

Enjoy fresh cut comb smothered with 50% clover liquid honey.

Comb Honey

Cut comb honey is the ultimate of raw honey. Freshly drawn comb filled with clover honey from wooden frames.

Characteristics – ideal for cheese and crackers or spread onto your toast or bread.