Queen Cells, Virgin Queens, Mated Queens

Make a new beehive with an an Italian Queen Cell, Virgin Queen or Mated Queen. Re-queen an existing hive once the brood pattern is looking patchy or she is 2+ years old.

Canaan Honey (Michael) has partnered with long time queen bee producer Allan Richards to provide quality queen bees for sale. We have been using the Allan’s queens for a number of years and can attest to their quality. Queen Cells are best picked up from our depot in Whanganui. You need to take them away in a queen incubator or warmed container. Virgin and mated queens come in cages with attendants and are easily able to be couriered North Island wide.

For Sale:

  • Queen Cells $7
  • Virgin Queens $15
  • Mated Queens $57.50

(incl GST)

Mated queens are only released for sale once they are mature which is just over one brood cycle. This means we can see they have a good brood pattern with no brood disease and that there pheromone levels are high giving them a far better chance at being accepted into the colony as a new queen.

Queens are available weekly on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. Call us to book your queens now – Michael m 021 728889 or use the booking form below.

Queens for Sale

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