31 August 2022

Sorry didn’t reply earlier but parcel arrived safely. Second time I have purchased from you. 😋 Am planning a road trip to see family in the South Island soon and will be taking some of your product with me. Expect another order before then.

Kind regards


Liquid Clover
28 June 2022

Hello Canaan Honey,

How the time flies. I’ve been purchasing a kilo of liquid clover each month for 37 years, so it must be the best.

Keep up the good work.



Purchased a sample pack
6 July 2021

Purchased a sample pack. Thank you. My whole life, I never liked honey at all until I was given some as a gift.  I am a Canaan Honey convert.  Thanks so much…

5 August 2018

Thank you, all at Canaan Honey, for introducing me to your honey wraps. I followed you instructions and impregnated a large size honey wrap – It has put an end to my cheese going Mouldy.
That’s a real money saver, and obviously so healthy. I love your City Gardens honey, It has a rich caramel and fruity flavour and is wonderful for sweetening my coffee.
I love it!

5 August 2018

Such fantastic honey and service with a smile. After searching high & low for honey that tasted like back home (I’m European and very fussy about my honey;) it turned out that the best honey was just around the corner from us. You bring your own jars and hey presto they fill them with the most delicious amber liquid I have ever tasted (Wanganui City Gardens is my personal favourite). And such good value too !!! So forget farmers markets and supermarkets and just head straight to Canaan Honey. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better assortment of honeys.