School Educational Visits

Discover the Wonderful World of the Honey Bee!

Recreational Visits for Adults

Visits for up to 2 hours are personally tailored to meet your group’s requirements.

Programmes are designed for your maximum enjoyment and pleasure.


  • Relax and enjoy the comfort and intimacy of our Learning Centre, which seats up to 50.
    Discover the whole process of honey production from its floral source to the honey pot.
    Stimulate all your senses of taste, smell, sight hearing and touch at CANAAN HONEY
    Indulge in some delicious honey cookies with your cup of tea or coffee

… all for as little as $5 per person, minimum $50 incl GST.

Come and share with one another, ideas about cooking with honey or honey and health — in fact any topics related to our passion for beekeeping.

Give us a call so we can chat with you about the needs of your group.

Michael and Melissa

Ph:  021-728889 Or email us on [email protected]

Recreational Visits for Adults