Mānuka Magic Skin Care Cream

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Mānuka Magic from The Honey Collection is available in a 50g tube or 100g pottle. When using Mānuka Honey directly is too sticky, the Mānuka Magic cream is ideal. It is a truly natural and protective blend, crafted to soothe and shield the skin with a potent combination of herbal extracts. These extracts have a long-standing reputation for their reparative qualities, providing relief for minor irritations and dry skin throughout the journey of life.

SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED EFFECTIVENESS: Supported by independent scientific research*, the efficacy of Mānuka Magic has been clinically demonstrated in reducing damaged fibroblast skin cells by up to 54% within a span of 72 hours!

A wound, as defined, signifies a compromise in the skin’s protective function. The conducted test indicated that the application of Mānuka Magic led to a remarkable 54.41% reduction or closure of the treated wound within a 72-hour timeframe. This consistent and sustained healing of the wound can be attributed to the distinctive formulation of the product and its positive interaction with damaged cells. The assessment of wound healing was based on the rate of migration and proliferation of skin fibroblasts across a wound created in a culture of cells.

*Conducted by Trinity Bioactives: Independent Blind Study In-Vitro Scientific Investigation Into The Effects Of The Honey Collection Products On The Healing Of Wounds And Collagen Production Using Human Skin Fibroblast Cells In Culture, 72 Hours (2017)

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep it within easy reach, whether in your hand or bag. This versatile product can be applied anywhere, at any time, for anyone.

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