Buy beehives from the artisans at Canaan Honey

Spring 2022

Buy beehives from the artisans at Canaan Honey – We have been in operation for now 40 years and are well known for offering quality strong bee hives for sale to bee keepers in the Southern North Island NZ. We are DECA registered. Honey bee hive registration number Michael Brandon/Canaan Honey Ltd H6208.

Other ways of having bees

Rather than buying a bee hive for your backyard (Whanganui region from Bulls and Marton to Maxwell), you may like to rent one from us?

Spring 2022

We sell beehives with a new seasons mated laying queen, plus bees, honey and pollen. Single box hives come with base, box, drawn and undrawn frames, crown board and lid. Nucs come with 5 frames ready to transfer to your own gear.

Single Box hives full depth – $460
Single Box hives ¾ depth – $430
Frames only (10) full depth – $400
Frames only (10) ¾ depth – $370
Nucleus colonies (5 frames) Full depth – $330
Nucleus colonies (5 frames) 3/4 depth – $300

extra 3/4 ready to go box and waxed frames $75
a top feeder is available for an extra $20 being 9 litre feeder and wooden frame


  • Frames are mostly plastic
  • Wooden floor with mesh, crown board and galvanised roof
  • Wooden boxes and bases are paraffin treated, and painted (where appropriate)


  • Payment 20% on order, remainder on delivery
  • New hives are created from 1 October 2022 with queen cells and bees
  • queens via queen cells from Allan Richards


  • Nucs and single box hives with mated laying queens will available for pickup from our home base at Canaan around the evening of Friday 4  November, Sat 5 November 2022 and following days.
  • Pickup is in the evening once the bees have come home. It is cooler in the evening for transport
  • other delivery options can be discussed closer to the time

Advisory support

We want your hives to perform well, so we offer free advice particularly for hobbyists.

Contact us using the form below or call Michael on mob 021 728889

Your home City/Region
Do you have a beekeeper registration number? Leave this blank if you don't have one yet. You will need one when you pick up the beehive. We recommend that you apply for one now if you don't have one, and it can be put on hold till the hives are picked up.
How many of the above hives would you like?
When would you like the bee hives? Any special requirements?
Once the order has been confirmed, we ask for a 20% deposit which we use to purchase some of the new equipment required.