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Buy beehives from the artisans at Canaan Honey - We have been in operation for 36+ years and are well known for offering quality strong bee hives for sale to bee keepers in the Southern North Island. We are DECA registered. Honey bee hive registration number H6208.

Training offered when you buy bees

Are you a new beekeeper? When you buy bees from the team at Canaan Honey you also have access to their experience. Come out with us as we tend our hives and gain experience in keeping your bees. Contact us with questions as you gain experience with your own hives. John Brandon also runs beginner courses in our learning centre with the Whanganui Community Education trust. The Wanganui Bee Club meets monthly in our learning centre or opposite us at Mosston School.

Other ways of having bees

Rather than buying a bee hive for your backyard (Whanganui region from Bulls and Marton to Maxwell), you may like to rent one from us?

Or maybe you would like to "invest" in a bee hive that we look after as part of our bee hives - Hive Share - you buy a bee hive and we give you yearly honey for a lifetime.

Bees for Sale

Our first weeks batch of hives/bees for sale (24-28 September) is almost all sold out. We are making more each week and taking orders for the next hives for sale. Please let us know what you want and we will make to order.

While we are making them now, we leave them 28 days before delivery as the queens need to mate and settle down.

We have the following honey bees for sale:

spring nuc 2018

  1. Spring single box hives  - 3/4 or full depth
    • being made now, available from November 2018
    • 3/4 hive - $490 incl GST, full depth $520
    • 9 frames plus frame feeder
    • $60 less for frames only
    • payment 20% on order, remainder on delivery
  2. Spring Nucs - 3/4 or full depth
    • nucs are being made now, available from November 2018
    • 3/4 nuc - $300 incl GST, full depth $330
    • payment 20% on order, remainder on delivery
    • 4 frames plus frame feeder
    • the nucs are made in coreflute boxes and are to be transferred into your own equipment - ie your own base, box, additional 5 frames, crown board, lid...
  • building them up with syrup and substitute pollen patties
  • queens via queen cells from Kai Iwi Honey/Chris Valentine, and Allan Richards
  • hives are treated with Bayvarol for their spring treatment

  • Top feeder and feeder rim $20 extra if required
  • Additional boxes available for sale with hives/nucs

The gear

Gear is either new this spring, or since November 2016.

Base with H4 runners, mesh and coreflute board, new 3/4 or full depth paraffin dipped painted box with 9 frames and frame feeder, crown board and galvanised lid. Frames are mostly plastic and drawn.

Please view prior to purchase.

The bee hives are sold via an industry standard contract. We need your beekeeper registration number, full name, street address and email address.

Please let us know what hives you are interested in, and we will contact you.

You can call Michael Brandon on m 021 728889.

See our Bee Hives for Sale listing on TradeMe.

Hives for Sale

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