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Buy beehives from the artisans at Canaan Honey - We have been in operation for 38+ years and are well known for offering quality strong bee hives for sale to bee keepers in the Southern North Island. We are DECA registered. Honey bee hive registration number J0073.

Other ways of having bees

Rather than buying a bee hive for your backyard (Whanganui region from Bulls and Marton to Maxwell), you may like to rent one from us?

Bees for Sale

See our Bee Hives for Sale listing on TradeMe.

Pricing: GST inc

 From 1 December with new spring reared queens

Single Box hives full depth - $425
Single Box hives ¾ depth - $405
Frames only (10) full depth - $375
Frames only (10) ¾ depth - $355

Nucleus colonies (5 frames) Full depth - $300
Nucleus colonies (5 frames) 3/4 depth - $280

Each single box hive is ready for it's second brood box.
Therefore bees obtained in December will have time to build up strength and yield a box of honey this summer.

We release our spring colonies as soon as new queens start laying and they are capping the new brood.


• Frames are mostly wooden.
• Standard wooden floor and roof, although some 1 box colonies will have a new galvanised roof plus crownboard.
• Wooden boxes, bases and lids are paraffin treated, and painted (where appropriate)


Colonies can be collected from our home base in Wanganui. We suggest that where applicable we transfer bees into your own gear here in Wanganui before you travel home at the end of the day.
Other delivery options can be discussed with you when you place an order.

Advisory support : We want your hives to perform well this summer and so we offer free advice particularly for hobbiests.

Contact us using the form below or ph 06-3455350 or 021-0601844

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