Bees naturally divide into multiple colonies via swarming especially around November each year.

Bee swarm removal Whanganui - Do you have a bee swarm in Whanganui/Wanganui that you would like removed?

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  • Free removal of swarms
  • paid removal of bees nests with price depending on the difficulty of removing it

The hive raises additional queens, and one or two groups of bees leave the hive with a queen to make a new colony.

As beekeepers, we try to manage the hives so that they don't swarm, but inevitably some still do.

The bees gorge themselves with honey and a large mass of them initially travel a short distance from their source hive and bunch together on a tree, fence post or other such structure. That's when its easy to collect them and being full of honey are very docile. They then send out scouts as to where to make a permanent nest. Once they find a permanent home, they travel again and start making wax comb with their stored honey to begin a nest.

Often the nests will be in places like building walls, chimneys and the like that are not easy to access. Sadly many times we need to destroy the nest rather than save it.

  • let us know where the bees nest is, and we can assess what is needed to help you out.