Who We Are

Canaan Honey is a family business. We are a joint venture of the businesses of Janice and John Brandon as Canaan Apiaries and son Michael Brandon as Canaan Honey 2016 Ltd. We enjoy the support of our other children and grandchildren in the business.

Janice and I have spent half our lifetime - 36 years - involved in commercial beekeeping up to April this year.

Let us celebrate this milestone by sharing with you a little of the past.

Early on, bees were just a hobby for us, starting with two hives. This number quickly grew to thirty five which prompted us to explore the idea of going commercial beekeeping. We saw the advantage of this being a home based business and something the whole family could take an active part in.

Fast forward this to the present, 35 years later after having purchased a horse stables place here on Mosston Road, which we turned into a base for our beekeeping enterprise. The original grain and tractor shed was transformed into a honey shop, and an extraction and packing room. Our hive numbers increased each year so that apiary sites are now spread around the Wanganui District to give us honeys of different flavours.

Our artisan honeys are crafted so that each honey pot on the shelf is a prize winner as far as fine texture and presentation is concerned. Also, where else can you have the honey of your choice poured straight into your own favourite container?

Another highlight of our business is hosting groups of all ages, including international students, for teaching and interactive learning about all aspects of beekeeping. Contact us to arrange your group visit.

Our Learning Centre is also base for a thriving Wanganui BeeKeepers Club which meets here monthly every second Wednesday evening.

It gives us great satisfaction to see our son Michael preparing to continue our beekeeping business for another generation.

Delicious Honey Varieties

Canaan Honey beehives are farmed within a radius of 50km from Wanganui City, providing a variety of honey flavours:

  • Manuka- 3 grades according to the level of MGO (Methylglyoxide) Low-Medium-High
  • Native Bush
  • Clover
  • Wildflower
  • Wanganui City Gardens
  • Blue Borage-sourced from Molesworth Station in Marlborough
  • Comb Honey

All varieties are available from our home based shop or posted on request.

Honey Products

Our shop also provides a variety of other products, mostly related to the bee-keeping theme:

  • Wide range of Honey Collection Skin care products
  • LiveWires Stationery
  • Beeswax blocks for making polishes etc
  • Bleached beeswax pellets for making cosmetics.
  • Buzzy Bee range
  • Beekeeping books
    • Practical Beekeeping- Andrew Matheson
    • Varroa Control
    • Elimination of American Foulbrood

Education and Beekeeping Services

  • Group educational visits are for 1-to 1.5 hours duration, suitable for preschool, primary and secondary school students as well as adult groups
  • Production of nucleus bee hive colonies for sale is a speciality
  • Eradication of wasps and feral bees
  • Monthly Bee Club meetings held either in our learning centre or opposite our facilities at the Mosston School hall: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.


Other Businesses we are Involved in

  • Our son Michael is continuing to work with businesses Search Engine Optimising their websites. This website ranks well for Honey for Sale phrases in Whanganui, as well as for other phrases. Call him on 021 728889 to get your website higher on the search engines. He operates as a consultant via the business SearchMasters that he sold his son Jonathan.
  • Michael is also involved providing heat pump leads to New Zealand wide heat pump installers online. Heat Pump Masters operates via the website heatpump.org.nz.